Thursday, May 13, 2010

The ‘elemental thesis’ of ‘Corpse in Armor’

As observed by the most dangerous man in America:
There is an elemental thesis to this book, which is that world socialism was happy to have Islamist terrorism as an ally against America. I heartily agree. This is the largest context of the book: the fact that all kinds of devils will league happily against us precisely because this country is the best thing the world ever saw. Within that context, the action runs fast and hard, but one can always find time for spots of philosophy, even during interrogation.
Among all possible readers I most wondered, and yes worried, what my two friends from the old Usenet battlespace, Beck and Mike Soja, would think about ‘Corpse.'

Neither of those lads has any patience for someone with the effrontery to waste their time, but I think that I did O.K. with them both.

I think that Billy at first dreaded the prospective enterprise of reading the book, for reasons of his own that I wouldn’t try to pry into. But he zipped through it in about a day and a half, which suggests that he succumbed to its fever pace.

I’m duly flattered. As I noted to him, I’m a remorseless layer or tosser aside of books of any kind that don’t grab hold of my attention. So as I wrote ‘Corpse’ I was determined not to let a reader get away once he or she opened the book, and it’s quite gratifying that some of the people who I think of as the really big fish in that reading ocean stayed hooked.

‘Corpse’ is here. You can read the first few pages.

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The Smiling said...

[Spoilers] I just finished the Kindle edition of Corpse in Armor and REALLY enjoyed it! There was more action in it than any 3 "usual" thrillers. Your characters were adequately 'fleshed out' and the story twists and turns kept me interested. I didn't see the need to shoot the ADCOS and it made me suspect the General might not be really a 'good guy'...but OK, I can handle it. :)
Anyway, I look forward to the next Mara Rains novel. Thanks!