Monday, April 19, 2010

A note from someone halfway through 'Corpse in Armor'

This came in last night from someone who has a very cold eye for what he likes and what he doesn’t:
wanted to let you know i’m a little more than halfway through the novel and it’s really good! I’m quite liking the what I’d almost characterize as Dashiell Hammet-esque narration style. A lot of great wit. A page turner! I’ll tell you more when i’m done. by the way, the opening is very strong, and i think if you got people to amazon first pages section, they would want to get it. cause it becomes apparent what a great read it’ll become.
That’s a good idea. You can go take a look at the first pages because Amazon has enabled that now. I should have mentioned it earlier. Just click on the cover photo that’s right there at the top left of the page for the sample reading options.

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