Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A reader report on 'Corpse in Armor'

From my neighbor, who has been afar for awhile, and who just welcomed his second grandchild into the world (congratulations, A.):
with all of the deadly serious stuff that was going on in this story, we know that there are people like the players in the book who are around and are real. but it takes a good writer to bring them to life as believable. for reading enjoyment, one of the best things that we can say about a book is that it is a page turner. we do accept the story and the people because we believe the author. ever since 9-11 when a twisted college professor compared the innocent dead to “a bunch of little eichmann’s”, the comparison had no earthly logic. with the reading of this book, one of the characters explains it. the people that went to work that day were doing a day’s work in a free country and they were a part of the free american system. in the demented professor’s mind, because they took part in the american system, that made them the very same as the system of eichmann and his world. so finally i understood the atrocious comparison. it is certainly worth reading and you can have some fun while you read it, picking out who you would like to cast when it is made into a movie. thanks for the reading pleasure,
You can take a “look inside” as Amazon puts it, and see for yourself. Click on the cover image on the upper left.

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